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Wall-mounted Tuba Hangers : 
A Band Directors Dream

4 Models to choose from:

  • 397RB: Large Tuba (Recording Bass)

  • 397T: 3/4 Tuba

  • 397S: Sousaphone

  • 397E: Baritone/Euphonium           

All models are adjustable to fit various models of instruments (ie. bell up or bell front)

"Repair savings alone will pay for WEMSCO hangers many times over and add years to the life of the instrument"

Manufactured by Western Music Specialty Company in Grand Junction since 1964, WEMSCO Tuba Hangers are the original tuba hangers designed by experts including Mr. Roper himself. 

Not only are they sturdy and practical, but they are attractive and contribute to the orderly appearance of the band room.  Plus - they protect instruments and help prevent damage and maintenance costs.

-Instant Inspection  -Instant Inventory   -Instant Storage   -Easy Access

It's the simplest way to keep low brass safe and secure!

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