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Each instrument requires something a little different from the next. Woodwind instruments need their reeds and swabs. Brass instruments need their oils and brushes. String instruments need their rosin and bows. Whatever the case may be, we carry a wide selection of musical accessories to keep your instrument looking good and sounding great.

We carry everything you need for your instrument

Woodwinds: Reeds, Swabs, Thumb Rests, Mouthpiece Savers, Ligatures, Pad Savers, Bell Covers, Cork Grease, Cases, Stands, Straps, Flute Rods,

Mouthpieces, Polishing Clothes.


Brass: Slide oil, Valve Oil, Spray Bottles, Polishing Clothes, Mutes, Bell Covers, Mouthpieces, Stands, Cases, Snakes, Brushes.


String Instruments: Shoulder Rests, Chin Rests, Mutes, Strings, Polishing Clothes, Stands, Rosin, Bows, Cases, Rock Stops, Humidifiers.


Frets: Picks, Capos, Instrument Cables, Cases, Strings, Picks, Stands.

General Accessories: Metronomes, Tuners, Music Stands, Recorders, Penny Whistles, Harmonicas, Kazoos and Slide Whistles.

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