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Our Goals

Our Values

Our Vision

Our Mission

We support music education on all levels and mediums, giving each and every customer the very best services. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to keeping music in the hearts of our community for years to come.

We aim to carry out our mission and progress towards our vision by being an active member of our community and providing exceptional service and friendly conversation to our customers.

As the music industry constantly evolves, we realize that some things stay the same. There is no substitute for a quality instrument. Roper Music aims to continue providing quality instruments to our customers, rising above the challenges of the past few years to become an active and integral member of our musical community. We are committed to achieving excellence for ourselves, our customers, and musicians of all walks of life.

We sincerely believe that the customer is our reason for existing, and by supporting music in schools, we can ensure a continuous community of music enthusiasts. Our goal is to uphold the legacy established by Gil Roper and John Handley by maintaining a retail music store that specializes in servicing school music programs and nurturing beginning musicians of all ages. We aim to be the premier music store in western Colorado and strive to be a pillar of the local business community.

...Since 1956

Our Services 

Our rental program provides affordable access to quality instruments, while our expert repair team ensures your instruments stay in top condition. For advanced performers, we have a selection of high-performance instruments. We support local schools by renting quality instruments and supplying class requirementsMusic lessons are provided by local teachers who have offered to help students of all ages and skill levels achieve their musical goals.

The Music Store

Additionally, our music store features a vast collection of sheet music and fret instruments suitable for both beginners and advanced players. We also stock specialized equipment like WEMSCO tuba hangers. Don't forget to check out our Members Page for exclusive benefits, including discounts, early access to new products, and more.

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Google and Yelp reviews are our way to connect to our community.

Leaving us a comment here is a direct message board for our community. Tell us our story and how we were apart of it. 

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