Wall-mounted Tuba Hangers :

A Band Directors Dream

WEMSCO Tuba Hangers are the original tuba hangers, designed my experts in the field and made here in the USA. Created to keep low brass instruments from getting damaged, the hangers will get your instruments off the floor and up on the wall. This will not only give you a lot more free space, but it will also save you from dent work year after year. It’s the simplest way to keep your low brass maintained!



Large Tuba: RB Model

3/4 Tuba: T Model

Sousaphone: S Model

Baritone & Euphonium: E Model


All models come with easy to understand instructions.

Adjustable to fit most tubas.  

Manufactured by Western Music Speciality Company, WEMSCO

right here in Grand Junction, CO since 1964.  

This product is made in the USA

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