Rental Program

Boy Playing Trombone

Rental Instruments

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet,

Trombone3/4-4/4 Violin

15"-16.5" Viola

$25 per month

Rent Only instruments

Bell Kits

$12 per month

Oboe, Alto Saxophone,

3/4-4/4 Cello

$40 per month

Violins 1/2 and under, 

Violas 14" and under

$12 per month

Tenor Saxophone, 


$50 per month

Cellos 1/2 and under

$30 per month

How it Works

  • You can return the instrument at any time

  • You can rent the instrument for as long as you want

  • The instrument you are renting is not for sale

  • For Rent to Rent instruments you can apply up to 18 months of principle on a new student, midrange, or professional instrument 

  • Repair labor is covered for as long as you rent the instrument

  • Payments are due on the 5th or 20th of each month, your choice.

  • Automatic withdraw is available with a Debit/Credit Card

  • First 2 months down when filling out the contract

Rental Contract

**This application is to reserve your instrument only.

The responsible party must be present with valid ID, the last four digits of your SSN to pick up the instrument and sign the printed contract.**


Please allow 24 Hours for Processing!

Same day rentals available in store!